New Year 2018

Happy New Year everybody!

To be honest, Year 2017 came to the end so quickly. It’ll be boring writing my analysis here, so let me cut that bit.

Since this is my first article in my blog, I don’t know what to write. LOL.
Well, I’ll write about ‘what brought me to start blogging’ to start up with.

I’ve been in Kamogawa-shi, Chiba Prefecture since the 25th last month. I’ll be spending New Year holidays at my aunt’s place until the 3rd of January.

Getting tired of living in the city, I came here wanting to bring comfort in my mind. As I expected, RURAL PLACE IS GOOD FOR MY MENTAL HEALTH.

I haven’t been able to breath by heart since last August, when I visited Asia Rural Institute (ARI) located in Tochigi Prefecture.

What reminds me of living in Kamogawa is the fact that there is a range of way-of-living in the universe. Around the place I stay at, there is a former office worker who chose to live in a rural community. Or, there is also a friendly Australian guy who is creating Permaculture (permanent+agriculture), the sustainable environment step by step.

By living with those kinds of people, I feel one thing- that what I’d been doing was something to ‘please’ others. It was a ‘fake’ shape of Noah Miura. Maybe the world I have lived to this day was narrow.  Thinking of creating a new area in my own life (decided on the 31st 2017), I started blogging !

I’m gonna update my blog everyday (hopefully). Please follow me on my blog!




link for Permaculture above ⬆

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