自由の本質-The Nature of Freedom-



What is Freedom ?



I think it’s kinda hard to realize when we have a wealthy life. It allows freedom to reach you easily.



Today’s topic is ‘Freedom does not exist in Free circumstances / environment’.




What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Freedom’ ? Freed Pigeons ? Rainbows? Or, being able to do whatever you want to do ? The image varies.




While I looked the word ‘Freedom’ in the dictionary, I found that it has an interesting meaning:


  • 哲学で、消極的には他から強制・拘束・妨害などを受けないことをいい、積極的には自主的、主体的に自己自身の本性に従うことをいう。つまり、「…からの自由」と「…への自由」をさす。 
  •  In philosophy, meaning ‘not being constrained by compulsion, restraint, and disturbance’ (passive definition), or ‘obeying one’s true character vigorously’ (active definition). In short, freedom stands for liberation ‘from something that you had to obey’, or ‘toward something that you had been prohibited from’.




It simply means you can do your favorite things without worrying. That makes me jealous. Lol. Well, only if you have something you really love to do, though.




But wouldn’t we allow the chaos, selfish world where everything is accepted, if we consider that ‘freedom’ ? Therefore, I suppose freedom only exists within limits.




Let’s dig it deeper.




We have a range of freedom (in which we tend to take for granted). For instance, let’s see ‘Freedom of Thoughts‘(Freedom of ‘Religion‘, ‘Academic‘, and ‘Speech‘). Do all of these rights exist as ‘normal’ for us ? Would you say a word that hurts (maybe) others in the name of the ‘freedom’ you have ? That’s the question.




Don’t we have a shield called Morality? Don’t we sometimes stop and think like “this would make somebody feel bad or it is unfair” ? That’s what I call ‘An institution in charge of organizing mental order’. And that forms up freedom.




In conclusion, I sense that freedom cannot exist without restriction or control.




Do I have freedom to say this? This can be what I’m forgetting about; there should be a hidden ‘control’. Only an authority allows freedom. It might sound weird, though, some people like me think that way. Lol.




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