国際関係と恋愛の関係性 〜The Connection between International Relations and Romantic Relationships〜 





何故なら、共通項として、①献身②コミュニケーション③信頼 の3つを含むからです。


If International Relations is the study of the causes of war, Love Relationships should be ‘the study’ to pursue the reasons of human conflict―――

In fact, there is a strong connection between International Relations and Love Relationships; as a common factor, they contain: 1. dedication 2. Communication 3. Trust.



8 Tips To Improve Your Relationship, Courtesy Of International Relations (あなたの人間関係をよくする8つのアドバイス〜国際関係のマナー〜) というタイトルのこの記事では、国際関係と恋愛関係が対比して論じられており、中々面白いものでした。


My uncle introduced me an article. Titled ‘8 Tips To Improve Your Relationship, Courtesy Of International Relations’, it compared both International Relations and Love Relationships, and was rather intriguing.



Let me quote eight tips given in the article:



  • Say what you mean, and prove it. (あなたの本意を口に出し、それを証明する。)
  • Have an audience. (聴衆を持つ。)
  • Reciprocity is king. (交互作用が王である。)
  • But so is forgiveness. (結局は許してあげる。)
  • No disagreement is an island. (意見が合わないことは「島」である。)


             Disagreements are connected to each other; we can resolve them by connecting them together. (意見の不釣合いには繋がりがある。私達はそれらを繋いでいくことで解決することが出来る。)


  • Careful, conflict is easily escalated. (気をつけるべし、争いは簡単にエスカレートしてしまう。)
  • The right third party can help. (第三者の権利が役に立つ。)  
  • Even symbolic stuff can make a difference. (象徴的なものが時には違いを作り出してしまうことがある。)




To be honest, I could not wholly understand the content but there were few points on where I agreed. I will introduce some of them.







Agreements only attract countries that are already following the rules…

This is said to be the principle of international relations. What if this is applied in other stuff ?

Well, I guess human behaviour is changed by the content of the rules. For example, let’s consider the case of a newly-married couple. They make a promise to ‘spend weekend evenings together however busy they are’. This has an effect in their lives such as cancelling an invitation to drink out. What I am saying here is that rules have the control over human relationship.

This type of ‘contract ’ might be good for a couple, on the other hand, others would find it strange.











Don’t threaten to move out unless you really think that’s the solution…

In a dispute, each side cares how close the other side has gotten to giving in. This is because one side tries to get more benefits by being in a position superior to another side.

I read somewhere that we are born as lazy thinkers. I think this is the same as how business persons seek profits. We naturally want least effort and even lazy persons use a lot of intelligence toward it. Similarly, a business person seeks to gain maximum profit.

But wait, what do we have in mind when it comes to compromise ?

It’s sophisticated, right ?

In short, the adage is that ‘you should think of the best solution’.

My interpretation is something like that.







Leaders of countries and people in relationships are both constantly wary of having their territories attacked or their hearts broken.

Sarah Croco, a professor of political science at the University of Maryland says.

This is in essence that everybody have some fear inside themselves- we are all sensitive. Knowing this can lead to a solution in a case of people arguing (Not for sure, though).






Frankly speaking, I for myself don’t see what the heck I am writing about. LOL.

Very abstract ideas are floating in my head.

I hope I understand them as I get older.




link for the article:


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