We might do this without caution, though, interpretation is a dangerous process. I suppose that interpretation has a risk to erase the cultural value underneath the original language.

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成長―The Way we Grow up―


Another friends of mine, who had been studying in Canada, came back to Japan. This time I went to Haneda Airport. As I assumed, they were all BIGGER than before.

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A new Generation -return of the expected-

All of whom I saw seemed to have eyes burning in passion toward something. As I glanced at them I was very energized and empowered. Literally, all of them looked so good with their confidence.


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ハードル―What’s wrong ?―


To be honest, I want to keep working full of gratitude in my heart. Since customers are coming in and use my restaurant, I suppose to feel good about it.

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先輩―People Ahead of me―


“Isn’t our working environment strict enough” ? He said to me something like that. When I heard that, I can’t stop thinking back the way I’ve worked to this day. I felt responsible for that.

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Good Life


Knowing yourself is a key to survive in this coming age. A good life is a fruit of words you speak.

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Perfection in Imperfection


In schools that you’ve gone to back in those days, weren’t there a so called ‘perfectionist’ ? Wait, here’s the question: what makes up a perfection ? I gave a thought about it.

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